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Labyrinths can be found in all sacred cultures of the world, from the Hopi to the Australian Aborigines to the Christian cathedral builders. Like mandalas, labyrinths are archetypal collective symbols that transcend all cultures because they are grounded in consciousness itself. Labyrinths are non-denominational: people who walk labyrinths come from all life styles, religious backgrounds & spiritual practices. Visitors walking the labyrinth of river stones. Photographer credit: Joel…

The Labyrinth Society: Virtual Labyrinth Walk. This site has a world-wide labyrinth locator and is a rich resource on all things labyrinth!

"She had forgotten what a mistake it was to come to the lilac maze in the autumn. The twenty-foot-high tangles of unpruned bushes, glazed with powdery mildew and hung about with dead blossoms, enclosed her in a cheerless world of trampled grass, unfruitful bramble, and seeding dandelions." [Aerial view of the Carleton College labyrinth on Stewsie Island]

1902 Chicago Calumet River Harbor Dock Original Print ORIGINAL HISTORIC IMAGE

The Labyrinth Labyrinths are a kind of archetypal design that have been in existence for hundreds of years as part of mystical and religious traditions and cultures throughout the world. Walk the labyrinth at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens and find inner peace and relaxation.

A labyrinth walk is often considered a three fold path. Walking the labyrinth is a time of release, quieting, emptying, shedding (Purgation). Standing in the center is a time of awakening, receiving, opening (Illumination). The journey out is a time of return, integrating, strengthening (Union). It is the metaphoric path home. Take your shoes off unless you need them for support or medical reasons. You may want to approach the labyrinth with a centering thought or a question to…

Energy . Every action has a reaction. Forces result from interactions . Good energy is Work. But it's the only thing, that Leads me, in a World of the Unknown. Energy, Materializes oneself always. Good or bad. Sooner or later. It comes back. Good energy is paying off . It is the key for happiness