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Black, Green, and White

Black, Green, and White

Green and White Inspiration Boards…….4 for the price of 1!

Green and White Inspiration Boards.......4 for the price of 1

White Alpine Strawberries | Ground cover for under Feijoa's. Birds apparently don't eat strawberries as they think they aren't ripe.

These are called pineberries and they originated in South America. They are naturally white wild strawberries with deep red seeds (or pips) when ripe. The berries are green when they aren’t ripe.

This tiny jasmine flower has a strong and wonderful floral scent.

thefoodtree.org | The Nelson Post

A visual aide for pruning fruit trees at planting. Proper pruning makes for a stronger central leader (the trunk) and stronger scaffolding (side branches). And, on semi-dwarf and dwarf fruit trees, pruning leads to earlier production.

That is super cool and a space saver! I want apple trees but he doesn't want to mow around them? Perfect compromise!

Someday I hope to espalier an apple or cherry tree in my backyard. Wonder if this would work on my lemon, orange and fig trees?