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Peter Goodwin Dead: Doctor Who Championed 'Death With Dignity' Dies At 83

This article looks at the legacy left by Peter Goodwin and his work to pass the Death with Dignity Act. He argued that before passage of this law physicians and patients were already quietly carrying out similar procedures.

A Dying Man's Last Wish: Change Our Laws

In "A Dying Man's Last Wish: Change Our Laws", Curtis Johnson pleads to the legislature to amend the Death with Dignity Act to allow physicians to administer the lethal injection in order to better help people like himself who would be able to live longer if they did not have to personally inject themselves due to an inability to use one's own hands.

Desperate Murder-Suicide Prompts Soul-Searching

This article tells a sad story of a sickly wife and a desperate husband. He first shot and killed his wife and then attempted to take his own life. This illustrates the length that some people will go to in order to end the pain and suffering of a loved one. The Death and Dignity Act is limited to those with health care forcing those without to resort to other alternatives.

Post 50 Singles Want Sex ... A Lot

This article examines how dating websites are fast growing for older adults and those looking for relationships list regular sex as being very important for their romantic relationships.

The Most Important Sex Advice For Post 50s

This article describes the importance of adult sex education. Education is necessary due to the rising incidences of STD's in older individuals and the additional risks that accompany these diseases in middle adulthood.

Sex Over 50: 7 Reasons You're Not Having Sex

In this article the myths surrounding sex in middle adulthood are identified. Although energy loss is typical with age this does not mean that older individuals stop having the urge to be intimate. Older individuals are de-mystifying the ideology surrounding an active sex life in middle adulthood.

Debate: Is Death Final?

Eben Alexander describes a near-death experience he had in 2008 while arguing in favor of the motion "Death Is Not Final."

How Social Media Is Changing The Way We Approach Death

How Social Media Is Changing The Way We Approach Death < Death has long been taboo in an American culture that values youth, but an open conversation online can increase our enjoyment of life and understanding of its eventual end.

Here's a four part overview of the grieving process, showing the self-protective shock and denial, followed by the resistance of anger and depression, leading finally to release, resolution and peace.