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This book features a feisty girl in blonde pigtails, nightgown, cowboy hat, and boots. When Mom and Dad don't believe that there's a nightmare in the attic, she decides to lasso it and bring it downstairs to show them

This one is super funny as a parent to read because we can SO relate - Betty Bunny can't understand why she is allowed to buy only one toy at the toy store, when there are so many toys that she wants so very, very much. So Betty leaves tearfully without any toys. Mom and Dad come up with a solution to help Betty choose just one toy the next time they go shopping

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19 Monster Books For Kids

Monster books! Make your summer reading list now !

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14 Books About Love For Kids

14 Books for Kids about love. Some unconventional but awesome books.

Mittens spends most of the book looking for a safe, quiet place to hide in his new home. Frightened, the kitten cries, bringing Nick, his owner, to his rescue. The controlled vocabulary in this gentle, unassuming story is made up primarily of one-syllable words, and the sentence structure is very basic. The soft pastel illustrations are simple and uncluttered and enhance the quiet tone of the text.

Preferring to draw dinosaurs rather than pay attention in class, James is kept in from recess until he either catches up or brings a dinosaur to school, and James's fervent search for dinosaurs has unexpected results.

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18 Books About Sea Animals

Books about sea animals. Review of each book too!

Stars by Mary Lyn Ray, Illustrated by Marla Frazee#Books #Kids