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You can learn to love Monday by keeping a more consistent routine, having more fun more often and building better relationships at home and at work.

How to start a journal

You have a busy life, juggling work, home, friendships, relationships, kids, and you're so used to being all things to all people you've forgotten who you really are anymore. Learning about yourself - what you need, want and like, what really makes you tick is the first vital step to increased happiness, reduced stress, contentment and clarity. After all, if you don't know what your needs are, how can they possible be met?

It’s never too late to create good relationships at work, even if you feel backed into a corner or pigeon-holed as a loner. Start small, and start with what feels most comfortable. This tip sheet can help.

Bad Beginning of a (Nice) Adventure - about Physical Education in Polish schools several years ago (and hopefully not now)

Developing Positive Psychology - My Personal development plan, finding success, happiness & personal growth, wellbeing & harmony.

What helps to strengthen your resolve and keep going in the job search in the face of rejection or setbacks? One person’s mentally tough can be another person’s simples. So it pays to understand what you find mentally tough and easy, and see what’s possible for you. The job search is a job in itself. …

A list of the 10 best podcasts for women in their twenties. These are the best podcasts for motivational life advice and personal development tips if you're in your twenties. A must-read list for all millennials!