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She's a lying, deceitful bitch.

Which explains why we've had more Scorpio presidents than any other sign.

So true. Let's not diagnose our friends and family. To label someone is refusing to see them as an individual.

Narcissistic sociopath- sad my mother has done all these things to me.

Now I see you. ..the mask removed. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

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8 Unseen Evidences — The Art of Self-Growth & Planting Seeds Along the Way.

Human happiness and human satisfaction must ultimately come from within oneself. -Dalai Lama XIV

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When I was 14 I used bulimia as a coping strategy. Coping with my weight and body image and coping with a need to be in control. Two years have passed.

"Bravery"...mixed with insanity dashed with a bit of lost that is all i will get past this i am raising my vibrations at thus exact moment I am safe