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I THINK WE SHOULD PICK A FONT AND STYLE THAT IS CONSISTENT FOR ALL ITEMS--SAVE THE DATE. I am thinking its almost as if the items can look like vintage labels (think wine, jars). They shouldn't be cutesy-farm but rather elegant farm. Exclusive Provence not a Hoe Down.

10 BOOK Furniture Design Pieces Every Bookworm Should Have

LHF Encore™: Lovers of beautiful calligraphy and type will especially appreciate this elegant font family. LHF Encore™ lends itself to designs requiring a formal or professional appearance. With expertly balanced letters, Encore is perfect for creating quick logos. 19 bonus alternates are included for maximum control. You receive all 10 fonts.

This site is SO cool, turn the page for different scripts, suppose you could just go and look at fonts, but it puts it right there in front of you... Each letter. Studio handbook : lettering

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