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Get the look of this beautiful rustic little courtyard garden in an instant with some artificial trees and topiary plants, mixed with some subtle little floral plants.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Dark Purple' - One of the new breed of mophead hydranges, this one was chosen by us for the intensity of the flower colour. To get the best colour, you should apply hydrangea colourant at regular intervals, but even when grown in noraml or alkaline soils the flower colour will revert to a good shade of pinkish red. Long-flowering additions to the summer border, hydrangeas are one of the best-loved and hardest working of all the shrubs and therefore have become a…

Heavenly Hydrangeas (Part 2)

Lace-cap hydrangeas (Hydrangea Japonica Coerulea). *This is a gorgeous plant with continuous blooming from May till the first hard frost.