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If you have to raise a glass in memory or in celebration then Dearly Beloved from Stranger & Stranger would be a fitting tribute.

lovely package: dearly beloved wine Sold at Trader Joe's 2011 Halloween. Bottle Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Stranger & Stranger Launches New Range of Wine Designs

Stranger & Stranger Launches New Range of Wine Designs

Ampre wine...glass included...my kind of upselling.

Le packaging malin, packaging 2 en 1 "The Design Business Bottle - Design by Ampro Design" wine packaging

Very distinctive and attractive label for 'Absinthe' designed by Stranger & Stranger. Printed by Baddeley Brothers.

Package Design Absinthe by Stranger & Stranger – design elements carry onto the cork and neck

Tradiçoes norueguesas

Just for the bottles"Norsk Ol" Brand Norwegian Beer Bottle Gnomes! Amazing packaging design by Ryanna Christianson.

Real Oak Bottles, Innis Gunn  #Packaging #beer

D C on

A wooden bottle? The burnished wood is a beautiful touch and adds to the product, which is lends to the aged beer. The beer is aged in oak, which makes the bottle choice largely appropriate.

“Wine is like the incarnation--it is both divine and human”  ― Paul Tillich

Stranger & Stranger wine packaging delivers character and creative flair in a new series of wine label designs. These decorative paper sleeves wrap around wine bottles in a

Branding by Tad Carpenter  www.themediagenius.com #brand #branding  Curated By Transition Marketing Services | Okanagan Small Business Branding  Marketing Solutions. http://www.transitionmarketing.ca


week packaging design, pretty simple but classic brown paper packaging design Branding by Tad Carpenter