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casey and jessica had this!!!

Jacky’s Sass: 30 Best Toys of the & : The Lion's Den University

Western Barbie - She winked & stamped her autograph with the stamper, I had one, with the horse to match!

Western Barbie -Aunt Paula got me a Western Barbie and a silver Corvette for her to ride in Christmas of

Personalized leather bracelets. You were really special if your junior high boyfriend gave you his to wear.

✯ Tooled Leather Name Bracelets ✯ yep and leather floppy hats too . My mom had the leather tools and we would make all kinds of crap

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Fisher Price dollhouse

Fisher Price Little People Play Family House 952 by MidwoodVintage,

Born in 1974, raised in the 80's

1979 to be exact, which is why that smashing pumpkins song is 1 of my fav. "Soma" used 2 put me 2 sleep every night of my 15 yr suicidal life back in the day. But yeah, the childhood rocked though

53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

The sugary deliciousness of these cereals:

Stationery was cool, but stationery with Poochie was clearly the coolest. I LOVED Poochie and I haven't heard or seen anything about her since my childhood.

This might be a common memory amongst those of us who grew up in the 80s, but it must make my list nonetheless. I LOVED Rainbow Brite, and yes... I had this doll.

Rainbow Brite Doll by wagner_arts, via Flicker. Alison now plays with mine.

Toys in the 50s and 60s - Mrs Beasley Doll From Family Affair - InfoBarrel

Beasley Talking Doll From Family Affair by Ashton Drake. What joyful memories this brings to me :)

Oh lordy! Blast from the past! Haha remember these?

Haha remember these? OMG I hated these, I had long hair my mom used to put my hair up in a ponytail all the time with these, they would hurt coming out of my hair.

50 Pictures That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

50 Pictures That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

toys from the 70's - Bing Images

Favorite Older Brother had these.You held it by the top, leaned it over rubbing the point across the floor quickly over and over to wind the top up then set it up and it would spin. toys from the - Bing Images