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I was lucky enough to be blessed with two of the best dad's EVER!! Also my children are blessed with a GREAT dad! Dad's can not be beat!!

Happy Fathers Day to the best Daddy in the world. You may not be here on Earth with me but today and everyday, I love and miss you so much.

Cleaning is hard

i can't clean my room because i get distracted by all the cool stuff i find.i should have used this when my mom asked me to clean my room when i was a kid

My children have the best father!!

What is a Dad? - I love my dad so much, and this is so close to what he is like just missing the Godly man part. Otherwise I love this!

It will be 14 years ago tomorrow since you left us and I think of you every day...you still make me smile...Merry Christmas Dad Love You XOXOXO

daddy girls quotes - Awww wish my dad was still alive but he did all this stuff and he was the greatest father on the planet. My whole world changed,his death changed how I see everything! Love you dad


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expectation of people leads to disappointment. happens to me all the time

I am so thankful my Dad knew everyday how much I loved him. Missing you Tweet! Remembering Robert Gary Norris daily.

I am so thankful my Dad knew everyday how much I loved him. Missing him (RWM) every moment.

Every time I need advice, I remember your words.

I will always remember your words of wisdom & love you gave me. 💔 My Dad's guiding hand will be with me forever. Not even death can separate us. Spirit in the sky, my Angel.

Yr intuition, yr gut instinct

I think this is brilliant advice: "Listen to the quietest whispers of your mind. They are telling you the choices that will help you th.

Correction: Mama tried to raise a lady,but Daddy won. They raised a lady who doesn't take shit from anyone. Love You Mom, and Dad