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Démence Précoce Catatonique Dermographisme. L Trepsat, 1893. From ‘Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpêtrière’, 1904. During the second hald of the 19th century, the belief spread that the phenomenon of dermatographism (or ‘dermographism’, or ‘skin writing’) was linked to hysteria and other mental or nervous disorders. Here a female patient at the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris has had her diagnosis ‘Démence précoce’ (dementia praecox) ‘written’ on her back.

Névrologie ou Description et iconographie du système nerveux et des organes des sens de l'homme : avec leur mode de préparation / par M. Ludovic Hirschfeld,... ; accompagné de quatre-vingt-douze pl. dessinées d'après nature par J.-B. Leveillé,... Paris, Baillère, 1853.

Confession of mask16 A patient who has been hospitalized in a mental hospital in Japan for years sits before Hasselblad. by Shinya Ichikawa

From the book On the Writing of the Insane (1870) by G. Mackenzie Bacon, medical superintendant at an asylum (now Fulbourn Hospital) located near Cambridge, England. The pictures are the product of a “respectable artisan of considerable intelligence [who] was sent to the Cambridgeshire Asylum after being nearly three years in a melancholy mood”. Bacon describes how the unnamed patient, for the two years he was committed, spent “much of his time writing"

10 Terrifying Psychotherapy Treatments Of Yesteryear

Ten terrifying treatments actually administered to patients in old sanitariums featured in "American Horror Story: Asylum", a cable television series. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is featured above.