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22 Perfectly Designed Billboard Advertisements - UltraLinx

22 Perfectly Designed Billboard Advertisements

Most people drive past billboards everyday, always giving you subliminal messages to buy their product.Here are 22 perfectly designed billboard advertisements.

Here Are 15 Extremely Clever Billboards. #4 Messed With My Brain. WOW.

Here Are 15 Extremely Clever Billboards. #4 Messed With My Brain. WOW.

Elm Grove Police Department in Wisconsin developed an outdoor campaign to promote the concept, “Slower is Better.” Interactive billboards were placed by roads where speed had become an issue, feeding back to motorists the possible implications of their driving habits. The die-cut signs were placed over roadside radar trailers and were triggered by speeds above 25 mph.

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These interactive billboard ads are give a very powerful message. They attract attention, and give viewers a more relatable consequence of speeding while driving, as oppose to the normal radar just showing their speed.

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15 Brilliantly Clever Billboard Ads (funny billboards, cool billboard advertising) - ODDEE Like this.

Sony PSP - Guerilla marketing billboard, telling you that's the high resolution of the screen technology hv been improved. wad do  you think of it ?

Sony PSP Billboards 3 - I like this idea. The brand is invisible from a distance.

Whats to say? This is awesome!

Comedic design by Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia for Panasonic's nose hair trimmer. The billboards were built around actual wires and poles in Indonesia to amusingly advertise the need for the device and showcase its safety cutting system.