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Fundraiser for Especially Needed on Feb 9th

Fundraiser for Especially Needed on Feb

"The original playstation. Get real. Get outside."  |  Green spaces make us happier - so put the gadgets down and get outside! Find out how parks and gardens have a huge positive impact on our wellbeing: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22214070

Green spaces 'boost city wellbeing'

I am against video games. We do not allow these in our house and our kids can't play them at their friends' houses. Outdoor play is the best. Use your imagination, muscles and fight childhood obesity.

What Does a Pediatric Home Health Provider Do? - Skilled Nursing Care at Home — Hand to Hold

I want to help #sellers sell their homes. Here are some tips I am offering to help you get your home ready to sell. http://www.househunt.com/news-realestate/how-to-get-a-house-ready-for-sale-infographic/

How to Get a House Ready For Sale [Infographic]

How to Get a House Ready For Sale [Infographic] Randy Horowitz, BRE Century 21 Prestige Properties

5. Problem Solving Wheels --- These can be used when a child thinks about their behavior before hand and wants to make a good decision, but may not necessarily know how to. These work as a guide to making positive social and emotional choices.

Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

As care coordination by healthcare case managers continues to drive clinical and financial outcomes in population health management, expect to see lots more case managers — not just in newly launched initiatives but co-located in nursing home, long-term care (LTC) and assisted living settings.

Case Management in Achieving Results with Cardiovascular Disease; Long-Term Care Next Frontier for Embedded Case Managers

Germs Are ICK. They Make Me Sick! (Plus Handwashing Procedures)

Germs Make Me Sick! (Plus Hand Washing Procedures)