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In the 1920s chlorine gas was marketed as a treatment for cold, flu, whooping cough, etc. The patient would break open the Kil-a-cold chlorine "bomb" in a closed room. The 0.35g of chlorine gas would permeate the air the patient was breathing. Ads said their cold symptoms would disappear within an hour. Chlorine gas is toxic at high doses and had been used by the Germans in WWI before this treatment was marketed.

Letterheads reveal amazing hand-crafted artistry used in papers for 1900s businesses

Paper items having illustrations that were drawn by hand before being printed, businesses from 1850-1920 used their receipts to advertise their products.

'Dream chemistry' – an outcome of chemical release while sleeping

'Dream chemistry' – an outcome of chemical release while sleeping

Original Antique QUACK MEDICINE bottle BELZORA Cold & Grip Tablets Minneapolis, w/label, contents, corked, in box. 100 plus years old

Antique Medical Eye Treatments Original Box Unused with Medical Supplies