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Give your student's a break from traditional notes and have them actively engaged! These doodle notes encourage students to use creativity and both hemispheres of their brain.   This is a two-part graphic organizer in which students can create a visual representation of the three fundamental gas laws. I have also included an example math problem for Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, and Guy-Lassac's Law and a practice problem.

Three gas laws science doodle notes, interactive notebook, mini anchor chart

Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, & Guy-Lassac's Law This Doodle Note is part of Growing Bundle available here: Science Doodle Notes Growing Bundle Give your

Lilly's Liquid Blaud, I've absolutely no idea what Blaud is but perhaps it poisons you just enough so you can't see or taste any of the hideous food on this board lol

Arsenic & strychnine laced Liquid Blaud will cure your ills if it doesn't kill you first!

take chlorine gas for colds ???

If you think a chlorine bomb sounds more like something from the battlefield than the medicine cabinet, then you’d be right about the origins of this remedy.

Weird inventions from the past

19 old and strange inventions that were never made: A device that would help you teach your children how to walk

Just the thing for the modern office. ["Designed to relax nervous tension."] 1952.

Self-Administered Dental Anesthetic [ Medical & dental patients can administer a mild anesthetic to themselves with a bulb-operated instrument designed to relax nervous tension.