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이래저래 초보 농부는 시행착오를 반복한다. 이 기계다하고 빌렸더니 다른 기계네! 바꿔가져와도 알파고가 아닌이상 사람몸을 사용해야한다는 간단한 진리를 깨닫는데는 그리 오래지 않았다. 농부가 된 동생을 보며 애틋하면서도 도울게 많지 않다는게 마음 아프기도 하고... #초보농부의 시행착오 #기계는기계일뿐 #농사그램

Michael J. Aziz (pictured) and others at Harvard University have developed a metal-free flow battery that relies on the electrochemistry of ...

Biological fungus drone melts into a puddle of goop if discovered

A biodegradable drone made mainly of mushroom material has completed its first flight. The quadrotor drone was built at NASA's Ames research center, and is the first step to producing an unmanned aerial vehicle that operators can use to explore remote locations without potentially contaminating them with old electronics, or to spy in sensitive areas before allowing the device to melt away into the ground.

Are some mainstream journalists pushing a false narrative about clean energy jobs? Let's set the record straight. #CleanEnergyJobs #SolarOpportunity #SolarEnergy

Latest shortfilm in English - Animation , CGI Animated Short Film HD: published by Selvam