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Made by Jenny Culver-Trevino She said, "So simple. I used 9 kitchen towels that I got at the $ store. Folded each in half then in half again then rolled them over an empty paper towel roll, used to hold them all together. Played with it until I had the layers right. I believe I used 1 on top, 3 on second layer and 5 on bottom layer. From there I put a candle in the top and decorated.

Toilet Paper Roll Submarine Craft for Kids

Ready-to-Ship - Reusable, Eco Friendly Snapping Paper Towel Set - Aviary - Cotton and Terry Cloth

Reusable, Eco Friendly Snapping Paper Towel Set. Brilliant! . . These are what we use! Had the same set for about 4-5yrs now. We keep them folded in a drawer in the kitchen, snaps were too hard for the little kids to undo quickly.

Francisco The Fork Cat - Up Cycled Sterling Silver And Up Cycled Fork - Art Jewelry Pendant - 1196