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Ooh! I have a fun story! So my biology teacher used to be a zookeeper and she was with the camel one day trying to get it to do something. It kept doing something that she said was dangerous but she didn't say what - sorry. She got so angry with it that she bit the tip of its ear off! She always tells us that story when we don't cooperate. She's a badass.

harry potter humor | Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Bellatrix. dear twilight fans: our Bella can kick your Bella's butt. oh and P.S what's that I can't hear you over the sound of our theme park. BOOM! oh and Edward is actually named Cedric and he's a Hufflepuff loser

Our fashions change too often so they try to mismatch all the "trends" at once

The hair dryer was actually invented in 1890 by Alexander Godefoy, but it didn't go public until 1920 when it was more efficient. Before 1920, women were basically using vacuums to dry their hair. This new invention, even though it overheated easily and was very large, was a big hit for the women. Hand held hair dryers came out in 1951.

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