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Schedule time for things that you enjoy to do at the beginning of your week. At the same time schedule when you study/complete homework. If you have a rough schedule at the beginning of week, it should help to avoid procrastination and boredom.


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girl on period-I for some reason found this extremely hilarious. Probably because i may have done something similar to this while on my period.

My boys when I go grocery shopping and bring home Nutella!

6 Recipes for Nutella Lovers

Me: "Mom! We ran out of Nutella! When are you going to the store?" Mom: "I'm going to SAMs tomorrow." Me: " Make sure you get Nutella. In bulk.


The human brain is awesome. It functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are take an exam or fall in love

Let's make it happen!

So true. I always believe that, "I only need a couple things; I don't need a basket!" And I'm wrong.

Here is a collection of twenty of the funniest pictures you're going to see today

20 Of The Funniest Pictures You Will See Today

Here is a collection of twenty of the funniest pictures you& going to see today