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ROUGH COLLIE, Blue merle simply beautiful i have a sheltie and cannot begin to tell you how much i love him his name is Earle thank you ellie hamm

My Baby!  1 week after we adopted him from the pound.

1 week after we adopted him from the pound.Oh he's such a handsome boy - looks like he's settled right at home! I cannot believe this beautiful dog was in the pound!


Growing up I loved the show Lassie so much that I named my husky/shepard mix "Lassie' lol.but maybe one day I will get to own a "real" Lassie dog :)"

Native American Indian Dog <3 my house wouldn't be a home without one :)

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Lol! This is so my daughter even though its only our english bulldog Bella that she has to sleep with, even though she complains in the morning b/c Bella likes to sleep just likes us....... her head/body on your pillow next to you & dont forget the covers.....

Because he has three German Shepard dogs on his bed while he is sleeping! (German Shepards are very protective and smart, they are police dogs!:) my dog is as small as a Chiweawa and she is as protective as these three German Shepards.


Collies are like potato chips. This nice Tri-color looks like Taliesen Premiere (Eden) at 10 months of age. Love the Blue Merle Collie too! Looks like Taliesen Sapphire (Hope)

So sweet and so true. German Shepherds are humans' best friends!

I don't care where we go. I'm happy as long as I'm with you.Pet love is True love! This is so true!

funny animal pictures

He's so cute & fluffy - I want one! Pomsky puppies are a mix of the larger Husky dog breed and the smaller, fluffy Pomeranian.

rough coat Collie ~ missing our beloved Piper who looks so much like this Collie <3 xoxo

Be Exclusive's Collies - Rough collies of classic type. This one is a magnificent tri-color