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The Little Rascals - Then and now. One is wearing a walmart employee shirt...

The Little Rascals - Then and now.

Little Rascals all grown up. More importantly, how did Spanky end up working at WalMart? Love this movie

Catnip: Not Even Once  THE DOG/Flower had me LMFAO!!!

Catnip: Not Even Once

Possibly the funniest thing ever. I didn't know catnip is like drugs for cats. I'm getting some for my kitty!

I <3 shoes!

Funny Movies Ecard: I'd like to know what Channing Tatum has to do for a twenty.

PMS, much easier to say...

eCards - I'm pretty sure it's called PMS because that's easier to say than estrogen induced manic depressive bipolar disorder prone to fits of psychopathic rage.


Why is patience a virtue? wombatarama Why is patience a virtue? Why is patience a virtue?


Anything with raisins in it would be 10 times better with chocolate chips. For example: A box of raisins.

The Right Type of Friend

Funny Friendship Ecard: Thanks for being the type of friend who doesn& question why you heard the toilet flush when we& on the phone.