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CSIRO and their printable solar cell technologies. Must keep an eye on this.

Labradorite is said to detoxify the body and slow the aging process, to elevate consciousness and protect a person's aura, helping to keep the aura clear, balanced, protected and free from energy leaks. It symbolizes the moon and the sun. It can assist in digestion, regulation and metabolism. Protects the aura from energy leaks, allows one to realize the destiny that is chosen and live up to one’s potential.

A fully transparent solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source

from Estilo Tendances

Sunday Photo: Autumn Beauty

Feng Shui Tip– Autumn This time of year is represented by bringing in the harvest. It is the time when we decide what to keep and what to throw away. The Metal Element resonates with autumn. Help support and nourish this energy by strengthening and balancing the Metal Energy in your space.

Solar power for our Sprinter camper van was a top priority from day one. Now that we've had six months of free energy charging our batteries and running our fridge and laptops, I can hands-down say...

Fleur - Coquelicot - Poppies by Adam Edwards La fleur sans parfum a toujours été associé au sommeil. D'après la mythologie, Morphée touchait d'un coquelicot ceux qu'il voulait endormir. Cette fleur est synonyme de tranquillité et de consolation.

Just too be free on an island having no worries and too be calm surrounded by positive energies & surroundings. ✌️

from [too much hot sauce kills brain cells]

iakov chernikhov.

iakov chernikhov. | [too much hot sauce kills brain cells]

VELUX and FENSTRO sun tunnels will save you money and let you enjoy daylight all…