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This is the formula we used to calculate for final velocity on worksheet three. David explained to us how to get to this formula rather than just using it because google said so. This was a great refresher on using graphs to derive formulas rather than to depend on someone else and hope they did it right. Since we all had PHY121, this was already familiar.

Nature - Week 13 Gallery - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

CC History Sentence Week 14: World War I Summary 6min video shows the map during the war and narrator describes the war, year by year.

Illustration of the caesium–fulleride lattice, showing the large buckyballs and caesium atoms (solid blue balls). (Courtesy: Prassides Kosmas) A new type of metallic state of matter has been discovered by an international team of researchers studying a superconductor made from carbon-60 molecules or "buckyballs". The team found the new state after changing the distance between neighbouring buckyballs by doping the material with tiny amounts of rubidium. The study reveals that the material…

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Lament for 9-year-old targeted for murder

ARTICLE ~ On November 2nd, 2015, America lost another young soul when 9 year old Tyshawn Lee was targeted, lured into an alley, and executed because of his father's gang connections. Columnist Leonard Pitts addresses the duty of Americans to "bear witness" to crime in America, and sheds light on the black on black crime in various communities. Pitts reinstates the lesson individuals have been taught for years: "Sometimes the decisions we make not only affect ourselves, but the lives of…

This board contained the second half of the content of worksheet 3. This section involved the combination of magnetic and electric forces acting on a moving charge. For all of this worksheet, a few equations are all that need to be known in order to solve for the answers.