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Big Girl Witches

All the witches are stirring the cauldron and and creating the witches brew, so Macbeth can see his future death and killer.

Hudson's Holidays - Designer Shirley Hudson: Merry Scaring....New pattern & Halloween signs

Halloween Fly Witch sign digital pdf - big girls black uprint words vintage style paper old 8 x 10 frame saying

the first time I called myself a "Witch" was the most magical moment of my life. Margot Adler, Drawing Down The Moon  Artist Marian Kaminsky

The Witch Way (I remember a night, with friends, skinny dipping. Had to get to the water through a meadow filled with sleeping cows :)))) So long ago)

don't forget it!

Well, I think its a good prompt, but in real life, witches tend wait karma.


Witch simply means wise one. They are teachers, healers, parents, wives and coworkers. We are everywhere. Are you a wise woman? Are you a witch as well? Let your witch out