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mars is stupid

"The year is 1337 of the Galactic Calendar. A group of four hurtle across the galaxy to discover Mars' terrible secret. A secret so terrible, it can only lead one to proclaim that Mars. is stupid.

Not too many people in this, but a few who've surprised me

People I have met, and how they have proceeded to disappoint me.hate to be negative.but I may need a bigger book!

The Best Of The Worst

The Best Of The Worst

The Devil made me do it.

I feel more forward than a Saldaean farmgirl at Devil's Harvest.

Pin up

Dependable Service Spark Plug Pinup Girl TIN SIGN metal garage wall decor 🌻 For more great pins go to

So freaking funny.

I died laughing! This Mom Was Tripping // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Everyone I Don't Like Is Hitler | Know Your Meme

Everyone I Don't Like Is Hitler

Everyone I Don’t Like Is Hitler is a photoshopped children’s book cover featuring a picture of Adolf Hitler sliding down a rainbow, which is often used as a reaction image in online political discussions when Godwin’s Law is invoked.

misplaced price stickers... I am SO mature for laughing at each of these equally as hard as the last!

Awesome Polka Dot Cake

Funny pictures about Strategically placed stickers. Oh, and cool pics about Strategically placed stickers. Also, Strategically placed stickers photos.

Funny Adult Humor Greeting Card by SLANTEDmind on Etsy, $5.99

Items similar to Your mother is a WH&RE Funny Adult Humor Greeting Card (mature) on Etsy