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“Grace doesn’t figure into it. A loon is built for diving, not flight. Sometimes I watch them and wonder how they ever get off the water when nature works so hard against them.” From pg. 20 of Clearwater by Kim McCullough

Lake ida

The Minnesota loon can be found on most lakes throughout the state. They have the most amazing & unique call, so soothing on a cool, summer evening sitting around a campfire!

(Greater Northern Loon ) * * " DUCK: " Yoo can'ts always control wut kinda loonatic walks into yer life, but yoo kin chase em outta de pond yer in. "

Beetle At Work - During winter we have lots of ladybugs at home, hibernating in the window-frames. Now in spring all these little crawly bugs awake, and on a sunny day I set them free. Ok, this one had to work as a model before I released it to freedom as well! ;) <a href=""></a>