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Now Foods Organic Tea Tree Oil - Always use a diluted solution to avoid potential hazardous outcomes. Undiluted tea tree oil can cause redness, irritation, over drying and blistering. A great thing to remember is to keep the solution at a ratio of 5 parts tea tree essential oil to 95 parts distilled water or carrier oil of choice.


Top Home remedies using tea tree essential oil

Home Remedies using Tea Tree Essential Oil - you won't believe the healing potential packed into one bottle! ❤❤ essential oils with love

Tea Tree Oil,mix 1 part TT. Oil with 19 parts H2o. It works on cuts,burns,shaving bumps,problem skin,dry scalp & many other wonderful uses.When diluted it will cost U pennies on the$!

How to Get Clear Skin with Tea Tree Oil -- It's potent stuff that contains benzoyl peroxide and should be diluted before applying to skin. Mix 1/2 teaspoon tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of water or aloe vera juice or gel. Moisten a cotton ball with the solution and use to spot-treat problem areas. Use daily or 2 times a day.

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essential oils & carrier oils: quick & easy beginner’s guide

The Beginner's Guide To Essential Oils & Carrier Oils - this is an awesome article with lots of good information.

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The Benefits and Limitations of Tea Tree Oil

The Benefits and Limitations of Tea Tree Oil: dilute 1:1 (1 drop of oil with 1 drop water) before applying

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Dilute Tea Tree Oil

How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil -- via 1tsp. tea tree and 2 tsp. carrier oil like jojoba oil for ingrown hair removal