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Queen Lucy the Valiant by Eunice Gamboa, via Behance

Queen Lucy the Valiant by Eunice Gamboa, a representation of one of the most wonderful moments of my life - Lucy Pevensie

Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Starring: Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian, actually King Caspian now, and Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie.

Edmund is looking in the wrong direction in all three of these pictures hahahahahahaha that's ma man

When they stand at the ruins of Cair Paravel in throne formation, aren't they standing EXACTLY where they were crowned? That kinda hurts.

Golden Age, Pevensie sibling feels, just out of nowhere. How does this happen, I haven’t thought of these movies (/books) in years but I heard The Call somewhere, and I was like “Where is this from gdi? I know I know where it-OMG, TCON!”  That’s...

According to the artist, Susan is the one shushing them. >>>> Peter is probably trying to keep a straight face but when Susan turns her back he smirks and winks at Lucy


Reep is my all time favorite Narnia character, besides Puddleglum of course.

Once a King or Queen og Narnia...(edited by Narnia_HU)

Once a King or Queen og Narnia.(edited by Narnia_HU)<<<Once royalty, always royalty