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Happy Life_sp

HAPPY LIFE6Min. 2Sec. 2D- and draw- animation, made in 2012At a stormy, rainy night, a boy named “EGG” lays an egg from which a monster is born.The boy, terrified, throws her into the forest. However this bizarre incident repeats every night, which leads EGG to feels like a monster himself, and his life gets more isolated…Film by SUN

Peter Brings the Shadow to Life by predatory bird. The title of this video by Joe Pease comes from this essay - - Music by Nick Cave

Much Better Now by Salon Alpin. A bookmark is stuck in a forgotten book that is one day knocked over by wind. It experiences its environment by surfing the pages that turn in to ocean-waves, enjoying the ride of its life. As the book cover closes light reveals new challenges.

Un cortometraje de Animación realizado integramente por los alumnos de, promoción de Marzo de 2010.