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Tumblr da Semana: Fiction Bucketlist

check.. wait does a man made one count???

I've gone behind a smallish waterfall. I would love to walk behind a big waterfall.

"We shall go places we've never been before....sometimes you will lose it but grab it back..." =my dream & my life

Maybe someday.it'd be a dream come true to have a professionally recorded album

Mattress Surfing! Cool! I'm sure I would be able to do that! Totally on my bucket list!

Bucket list - Mattress Surfing like in princess diaries! I have wanted to do this since the first time I watched princess diaries

I always wanted to become someone's role model so nw I guess it will become true

As a future teacher, mother and aunt my goal is to be someone's role model. Being someone's role model will encourage me to always put forth my best. I would be honored to be someone's role model because I would feel that I am respected and admired.

How To Become An Actress

How to become an actress, 12 tips that can help make your dream become a reality. << this is so encouraging. I highly suggest reading it if you want to pursue an acting career.