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It is Called A Break Up Because It Is Broken (#TheSW30) Day 19 ~ Real Life Advice For Everyday and Practical Use lettting go inspirational quotes breaking up break ups

Note to self: No more second guessing. No more benefit of the doubt. No more hoping he's a better man than his repeated actions reveal. Even if he wants to be, he's just not today, and we both know that's not what your tender, healing heart needs. The love you want can't be built upon a foundation of deceit; and, if he can't be honest with himself today, he's not capable of being honest with you. (You learned this lesson already--remember it!) It's okay to be sad and...

If you are a sweet-flower under age of consent [adulthood]: leave. This is an adult blog. Remark: The photographies signalized as mine are merely print-screen captures.Sex is sex. Love is love. Bodies are bodies.