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Sailor-Plute-Setsuna-Meiou-118.jpg (455×325)

Sailor-Plute-Setsuna-Meiou-118.jpg (455×325)

Black Lady (in the style of "Sailor Moon Crystal" title credits opening)

after the good ones in sailor moon, now i present you the .crystal villain princess & queens collection i'll draw all the female enemies

Sailor Moon and that Crazy Hair. Sailor Moon. Serena. Usagi. Princess Serenity. Love. sailor senshi. Moon Power. Comic. Fan art. Anime. #ForeverEileen

Sailor Moon: Crazy Hair by daekazu on deviantART. Lol Merida and Punzie use Thoreal(which is Thor's)

... Das hat richtig Ausstrahlung

19 Pieces Of "Sailor Moon" Fan Art Every Sailor Scout Will Love

charliebowater: “I vividly remember a few moments from when I was growing up that - as corny as it sounds, felt like they’d altered my life a little bit. One was when I was six years old and I watched.

Queen Beryl, Mistress 9, Black Lady, Queen Nehelenia, Sailor Galaxia, and Moon Princess ^_^

Sailor Moon Villains / Galaxia, Queen Beryl, Queen Nehelenia, Black Lady and Mistress 9 surrounding Princess Serenity

you have no idea how much i yell at the tv not even in tv episodes but in movies like superman and whoever else...i cant think of them atm...that the bad guys cant figure out the secret identities...SO MUCH FRUSTRATION!!! BATMAN! he had a wonderful disguise! his mask covered his entire head!!! too bad he tells ppl who he is most of the time lolololololololol

Sailor Moon: Perfect Disguise I mean how many people wear their hair like that?

Tears of Black Lady

venusmelody: “What is this feeling rushing through me? Why… are tears running down my face?