A serial killer killing serial killers. Does it get any better than that? I think not!

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Apparently my type of guy likes blood...Dexter Patrick Bateman Ash

Psychopath and sociopath are popular psychology terms to describe violent monsters born of our worst nightmares. Think Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the La

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Kid Dexter, Teenage Dexter,& the adult Dexter lol

O Halloween por #Dexter

O Halloween por Dexter

TV’s favorite serial killer will be around for a while. Showtime’s “Dexter,” starring Michael C. Hall, has been renewed for a seventh and eighth season.

Dexter, once again not a movie but I love love love this!

My favourite serial killer ever!

Michael C.Hall, one of my favorite actors..and cancer survivor!

Micheal C Hall (Dexter Morgan)

Dexter: i primi due minuti della settima stagione

Jennifer Carpenter Michael C. Hall Married:Michael C. Hall Wedding - Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter who play brother and sister on the hit show Dexter


Michael C.


Dexter - Michael C.

Oh how I love that smirk. Sexiest serial killer

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Dexter: "Two serial killers go for a ride..."

dexter loved this season

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Season 7 EP 11 That smile thoe!

I love  this guy!!! Oh Dexter Morgan  Michael C. Hall

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I love this guy! Oh Dexter Morgan Michael C.

I suppose I should be upset, even feel violated, but I'm not. No, in fact, I think this is a friendly message, like "Hey, wanna play?" and yes, I want to play. I really, really do.  ~Dexter

Dexter Dexter Dexter - September 30 cannot come fast enough!

I'm definitely a big fan, but I've met farrrr more dedicated people, where it veers into "Remind me to never be alone in a dark alley with you" territory.

Free and Funny News Ecard: Your love for Dexter has advanced from interesting to unsettling.