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A daily exercise plan! Do these exercises throughout the day (and add in your own) to get into the habit of daily fitness. Note that I said “throughout the day.” These aren’t meant to be completed all...


Kate Middleton keeping trim for wedding at Diana's gym

She single-handedly boosted the UK economy by 1 Billion Pounds.... and she is stunning in jeans. *Sigh*

my problem: i don't want to eat, but i do. and when i do i hate myself a little more. recently my "friend" said "you know why I'm so skinny? i have a secret, when i eat all the fat I'm supposed to gain goes to you. thats why i eat all the time, and you don't." -_-

If you're a woman who thinks it's okay to tell a skinny woman that she needs a sandwich, I hope you don't mind when that skinny woman tells you that you're a fat ass. Because that's exactly the sort of shaming you are giving her.

“Not alone,” Kit said. “Of course we’ll have to bring Grey too. He could be of some help.” “That skinny kid?” Morgan said. “Prince of Faerie,” Kit said. “And he’s not skinny, he’s small. Working on a farm for nine years wouldn’t leave anyone skinny.” (Faerie's Most-Wanted, Autumn Laisse Hathel)

'Plus Size' or 'Skinny Size' - it does not matter. The media need to get a grip. We should all learn to love ourselves and be happy.