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“Not alone,” Kit said. “Of course we’ll have to bring Grey too. He could be of some help.” “That skinny kid?” Morgan said. “Prince of Faerie,” Kit said. “And he’s not skinny, he’s small. Working on a farm for nine years wouldn’t leave anyone skinny.” (Faerie's Most-Wanted, Autumn Laisse Hathel)

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Honest Reactions I Never Expected I briefly touched in my last post about how at first I felt a little sensitive around the fact I was pregnant and then even a little more sensitive when I found out it was twins. This blog has always been a very honest place and (I'm sorry future children should you ever read this) quite frankly I didn't feel ready... even if I was 'the correct age' as people kept reminding me. I was actually pretty terrified. Now I won't name names or be name calling as…

my problem: i don't want to eat, but i do. and when i do i hate myself a little more. recently my "friend" said "you know why I'm so skinny? i have a secret, when i eat all the fat I'm supposed to gain goes to you. thats why i eat all the time, and you don't." -_-

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