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" In order to remove ourselves from the unhappiness and despair that this brings, our solution is to create a false self or mask self, the face we show the world. Believing we are unacceptable and unlovable as we really are, we create an idealized self-image, someone we wish we could be or someone that we think is worthy of love."-Leigh Probst

Rome the eternal city. If you spell ROMA, backwords reads AMOR (LOVE) and this is what you feel in this city... in lov with everything, the people, the city, the architecture, the art and the food..... I want to go back at some point. Thank you for pinning this beautiful picture.

Nirav Patel (I need a guide)

Awe-Inspiring Portraits by Nirav Patel San Francisco-based photographer Nirav Patel has a divine eye for capturing a special kind of breathtaking beauty in Earth’s landscapes and the people that exist...