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Hazy summer days gone by of pretending you were off somewhere else on some sort of a glorious expedition.

This is actually Rioveggio in Italy but it might as well be England and since I know that theres a number of you having beautiful, lazy Autumn days off today heres a lovely place for you to picture yourself right now. (by chiara lana)

The hushed, muted tones of fall... I love the sense of serenity that they evoke!!!

The hushed, muted tones of fall. I love the sense of serenity that they evoke! This whole scene breeds peace. >>> except the noose like tire swing.

Peace and quite in the West Country. Do you long to escape to the peace and…

I can hear crickets chirping, cicadas singing, the creak of the wooden swing, and soft, warm air catching wisps of hair. Time stands still.

Today-  Today . . . I am clean and sober  Today . . . I move toward my future  Today . . . I am further from my past  Today . . . I am learning to live again  Today . . . it is getting a little easier   Today . . . is not perfect, but it is better  Today . . . I am learning to value myself  Tomorrow . . . will build on what I do Today   Today  . . . I am grateful to be alive  ~ Abby Willowroot

Like honey, deep yellow air of the sunny evening, Long shadows on the ground. Quiet turned the city before the weekend. Just people with their dogs are still on emerald-green, fresh lawns. I like the feeling of being frozen in silence of that amber.

This looks so peaceful, I would love to kayak down a river like this

"Gently rolling down the river on a Sunday afternoon; because life, and time, runs away far too soon." (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.