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be weird. be random. be who you are. because you never know who would love the person you hide.

Oh, how I long to be by the ocean.

The cure for anything is salt water -- sweat, tears, or the sea. My Dad swore by Epsom salts and simply going to the beach!

9 butt exercises to sculpt and lift your backside(glutes). Perform 2-3 sets of each exercises for maximum results.

Workout Plans and Exercises to Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Build Muscle

9 exercises for a stronger backside, targeting butt, thighs and hamstrings

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Best "She knew the power of her mind & so programmed it for success. in your day, all quotes like success quotes, happy birthday quotes, and many

Absolute truth

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother" -Abraham Lincoln. I love this Abraham Lincoln quote!

For my teenaged children, and all my "adopted" teenaged children.

You Were Born to Stand Out! Life gets easier when you stop trying to please the people. It's your life . Today Choose It ~ Live It ~ Love It & Stand Out!

love <3

If only you knew. how much my heart flutters when I see you walking down the hallways. If only you knew how much my mind races when you say six words to me. If only you knew how much my brain thinks when I imagine myself with anyone but you !

Dance like....

remember to dance ~ sing ~ love ~ play ~ behave ~ give & smile !

true...unless your memory is less than it used to be....then we have to learn to forgive all over again, and know we don't always understand what we are seeing in others or ourselves.

If only there was an easy button to "forgive and forget" choices!

save yourself when everything else falls through

it's time to be my own hero. I am going to do amazing things. I am going to live the life I've dreamed of. I'm going to let go of the past and embrace the moment. I am not going to fear the future. I am going to be STRONG and BRAVE. I am going to BE.