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Me, when the Internet is down…

25 Simple And Creative Tips And Tricks

To do list are important.

Make to do list. Check off first thing on to do list. Realize you've already accomplished 2 things. Reward yourself with nap (in progress)

Scientific fact. - Imgur

Scientific fact.

Tattoos...Tattoos..yup I'm getting a tattoo. Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that.. can you repeat your ignorant bullshit? NOT.  Funny pin haha :)

Haha so life is so great! Love when over 4 years ago we fed a fake name and they fell for it! Funny thing is we showed people prior so they could not say we were lying! Just shows how desperate they are to have our life!


Funny pictures about My Current Job Situation. Oh, and cool pics about My Current Job Situation. Also, My Current Job Situation photos.

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