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O Tannenbaum (Oh, Christmas Tree), how crooked are your branches.. #johnheartfeld #photomontage is a timeless warning of how a season of joy, peace, & love can be perverted by greed, despair, & hatred. Straighten the branches - Celebrate Heartfield (And All Progressive) Art! https://goo.gl/yaV8ct

John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive Curated By His Grandson.

GERMANY: John Heartfield, Yuletide Poster, 1934. Photomontage allowed Heartfield to create loaded and politically contentious images. To compose his works, he chose recognizable press photographs of politicians or events from the mainstream illustrated press. He then disassembled and rearranged these images to radically alter their meaning. (Getty)

Dada: John Heartfield, AIZ no. page December, "Oh Tannenbaum in Germany, how crooked are your branches"

johnheartfield:  John Heartfield     Dada Picture     c.1923

johnheartfield: John Heartfield Dada Picture c.

John Heartfield

Dada vs Hitler: the anti-Nazi collages of John Heartfield - Boing Boing

Everything old is new again. My grandfather's montage "A Tool In God's Hand? No, A Puppet In Thyssen's Hand!" Trump TV, Really?

Famous German Political Image of Adolf Hitler as a puppet of Thyssen

John Heartfield

Classic Anti-Fascist Photomontages from the 1930s and 40s

John Heartfield     Dada Picture     c. 1923  Quite reminds me of the art style used by the band Franz Ferdinand in their video "Take Me Out"

George Grosz, Dadabild (Photomontage et encre de Chine), Zurich, Kunsthaus, c.

1967-Das-Kapital-Katalog-page-d271.jpg (600×444)

1967-Das-Kapital-Katalog-page-d271.jpg (600×444)

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photo by Fan Ho.Award-winning photographer Fan Ho has won 280 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since