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7 Characteristics of Highly Creative People

Some companies have product design down to a science. These engineering-minded entrepreneurs can apply these same skills to scaling their business.

from Entrepreneur

3 Games To Help You Generate Business Ideas

Generating some last minute ideas for the end of the semester? has a few fun exercises to help spur your creativity!

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7 Habits Of Highly Creative People

Steven Covey wrote this book many years ago...and it is still considered a "must-read!" 7 Habits of Highly Creative People


What is Creativity?

Topic What is Creativity? This is a great chart that compares a fixed mindset versus a creative mindset. I'd love to have this hung in my classroom. In a more colorful (and creative) format of course!

from Mashable

Product Development: 9 Steps for Creative Problem Solving [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes the business world's focus on critical thinking does a disservice to the value of creative thinking. These 9 steps are key to success in new product development.