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Saddle Shoes :)

October "Washington, D. Saddle shoes are still popular at Woodrow Wilson High School." Just add Frankie and stir. Medium-format nitrate negative by Esther Bubley for the Office of War Information.

July 8, 1918: Ernest Hemingway is Wounded in WWI  On this day in 1918, 18-year-old Ernest Hemingway was severely wounded while serving as a Red Cross ambulance driver on the Italian front during WWI. Despite his own injury, he was able to save a nearby companion, an act for which he received the Italian Medal of Honor.  Hemingway recovered in Milan over the next several months before returning to the United States. He later incorporated his war experiences into his critically acclaimed 1929…

American Red Cross volunteer, recuperates from wounds at ARC Hospital, Milan, Italy, September

Champagne and Wellington Boots

Vintage divas in hot pants! I wore my hot pants with matching tunic tops ~ I remember, specifically, a red and white striped outfit, and also an orange outfit with embroidered trim.

Saddle Shoes. Imagine when all girls wore these to school , with dresses! (circa..1959)

Imagine when all girls wore these to school , with dresses! I loved getting a new pair of saddle shoes at the beginning of the school year.

Record Love

Lila Leeds with records and phonograph at her home shortly after the raid in which she and Robert Mitchum were arrested for marijuana possession in

Vintage Dance Photos on Pinterest | Lindy Hop, Swing Dancing and ...

Inspirational Jean Veloz dances like a teenager at 87 - Steps on Toes Dance Lessons

1940's. this makes me smile.

A soldier & his girl sitting at soda fountain counter eating ice cream. Connecticut, Same idea different theme

Stati Uniti e bimbi sfruttati, Hine fotografa un'epoca

Stati Uniti e bimbi sfruttati, Hine fotografa un'epoca - Repubblica.it

Stati Uniti e bimbi sfruttati, Hine fotografa un'epoca

It All Appeals to Me: Vintage Beach Photography

Miami Fashions, Model in Suitable Settings For Afternoon and Casual Play Clothes Premium Photographic Print by Nina Leen

Aggravation game.

Aggravation Deluxe Party Edition, - I used to play this with my grandfather.

"Lassie" (and Timmy)...  what?  did grampa fall down the well?  show me, lassie...  show me...

"Lassie" (and Timmy).what a good dog! loved Lassie soo much.my dad always wanted to watch his show when Lassie was on, but, I would throw such a HUGE tantrum, that I always got to watch it ♥