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『Ruby on Rails環境構築ガイド』と 『Ruby on Rails3 アプリケーションプログラミング』を基に 環境構築実験をする。 Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, MaxOS を並行して使うことにする  -...

Use the satellite-js (on GitHub) JavaScript library to convert a satellite's positional data into a geographic.

Then we'll take a final look at operator precedence.

In the Java polymorphism tutorial video, we look at a new concept called polymorphism, and how we can treat different sub classes as the same super class.

What is autoboxing and unboxing in Java? Let’s start with the number classes, and then we’ll talk about how Java uses autoboxing and unboxing.

How can I tell if two Java instances represent the same instance? And what does class equality mean in Java?

The question here is, what does it mean to be the same or different in Java. In this video, we'll look at overriding equals and hashCode in Java.

Fast guide to the Java while loop, break and continue - 019

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In Java, you can create your own types to model any concept your program needs. These models are called classes.

What you need to know about Java int primitives - 008

Determining class with a Java instanceOf example - 032

In this lesson, we'll take a deeper look at the first Java primitive.