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Biggest Supermoon of Only two days after the solstice, in the early morning hours of Sunday, June the moon will officially reach its full phase and will be the closest kilometers or miles) and largest ‘supermoon’ of the year.

Full Moon Healing Prayer

How to Use the Full Moon to Let Go

Learn an easy full moon healing ritual to let go of what does not serve you.

http://moonplutoastrology.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/wolf-moon.jpg. Beautiful moon. Signing off for tonight. Have fun pinting. If you see this on Twitter have fun twitting.  The Incensewoman

There's more violence during full moons, say police

This is NOT her blog this is the link to her Pinterest and the reason I am recommending it instead of repinning her pins is because it's just too full of goodness. Check it out and see! Whether you're a stay-at-home, teacher, homeschooler, you WILL find something here!!!!!  @Zina :: Let's Lasso the Moon hope you don't mind me recommending your boards, they are AWESOME!!!!

Happy Family Habit "Time-Ins" for the Whole Family - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Playing with the moon, I want to do this someday!

Playing with the moon

Funny pictures about Playing with the moon. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with the moon. Also, Playing with the moon photos.

sirius black. I did not expect to have this many Marauder feels. This is not ok.

Sirius making me cry by thinking about him thinking about Remus when he sees the full moon in Azkaban.

Celtic.. I was a wolf, and she, my moon <3

Wolves are only loners in captivity. In the wild, they travel in tightly knit packs, project each other, and mate for life.