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"Amalgamation": Ellen White's Most Controversial Statement

from BuzzFeed

41 Years Of Awesome Parents

A tribute to my favorite part of every gay pride that always makes me cry: when the parents from PFLAG march with their kids.</b> Thank you, <a href="">Jeanne Manford</a>. Your legacy will not be forgotten!

Hillary has the unethical politician part down to a fine science... and has the most naive and gullible supporters !!!


Human Have No Idea

5 Things you would not do on a spaceship: 1. Disassemble it to generate more money 2. Exceed the capacity for passengers 3. Consume more food or water than you regenerate for the trip 4. Polute the ship beyond its ability to clean itself 5. Modify the environmental systems beyond recommended tolerances. Why is this so hard ?

This applies especially to a lot of "Christians" who base the giving of help upon a payment of any form - that is just another measure of control and being a fraud.

from Unveiled Wife

15 Scriptures To Soothe An Anxious Heart

The only way to soothe an anxious heart is by going to God's Word! Try it!

Use these printable scripture memory cards to hide God's Word in your heart and in the hearts of your children! Learn 12 passages over the course of a year.


Creating A Place to Pray

Whether you are single living in an apartment or have a full house of people you care for, these hints on creating a place to pray will help!


Bible Verses by Topic

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