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Douthat, Ross G. Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class. New York: Hyperion, Print.

"I have no idea how to answer my doctor when she says, 'Do you feel like taking your own life right now?'"

How to Train Your Dragon Lesson Plans and Literature Unit Study Activity Ideas-I think it would be fun to do even though we completed the series so far. I think it's a nice skill to have to be able to go back and reflect on what you have read.

Ninja cats are often well-educated and like to ensure they have all the information needed before their assignments...

Honesty has always been one of my top priorities in my businesses. Often it has gotten me in trouble shunned and even ridiculed for how honest my answers are to people. When I began my first online business back in 2012 I knew absolutely nothing about anything other than I wanted to help people move forward with their health. Frankly I had all of these techniques in my toolkit. I had helped myself through some terribly compounded conditions including ADHD depression digestive issues joint…

An infographic noting the '10 most read books in the world'- but actually, they're the 10 most bought in the last 50 years, with very shaky research. Bad times.

You LOVED our lemon self-saucing pudding. So what will you think of our passion fruit self-saucing pudding (or passion fruit surprise pudding)? An easy baked dessert for all the family

Random acts of kindness coloring notes for kids- printable set! via @karyntripp

We're going on a word hunt! Hide post its with sight words on them around the house. Print off these sheets and give them to kid on a clip board and have them hunt for the words. Fun!

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