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Resultado de imagen para gimnasia artistica femenina viga

Resultado de imagen para gimnasia artistica femenina viga

Cheer quote

The trust between the flyer and her bases. Bases are important when it comes to stunting. Their would be no flyer with base(s). They are their to lift her up and catch her when needed. Thank your bases.

Cheer Stunt. You lift weights? Haha. That's cute.:P We lift people.

Football players say "well I lift weights" and I go "umm, well cheerleaders lift people😏

Never thought i would say this but this quote is true.. now that i joined cheer i love it

Fr like i love cheer so much, im do glad i decided to join cheer in preschool.

I suck compared to this > I know, me too... I always'd fall on my ass.... :(

That's a really nice pike, action sports photography, cheerleading, You Better Work

Cheerleading Forever Drop Necklace

Cheerleading Forever Drop Necklace, I'll never forget my experience as a high school cheerleader.