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Adolf Hitler and Blondie, his Alsatian. He poisoned her before committing suicide.

The photo by famous photographer Richard Peter sen. shows the Josephinenstraße with a cleared sidewalk in viewing towards the Vitzhumsches Gymnasium (High School) in Dresden. The photo was taken after 17 September 1945. Especially the Allied air raids between 13 and 14 February 1945 led to extensive destructions of the city. Photo: Deutsche Fotothek / Richard Peter sen.- NO WIRE SERVICE

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El lado bueno de Hitler

Rip the air raid warden dog - Rip was a very good dog who helped save lives during the Second World War. He was found as a stray by Air Raid Warden Mr E. King. The two became friends, and Rip accompanied Mr King on his rounds. He was not trained in search and rescue work, but he took to it instinctively, sniffing out people who had been buried in rubble after Luftwaffe bombings. In twelve months from 1940 to 1941 he is credited with saving the lives of over a hundred people.

Famous photograph of suffragette Ada Wright, beaten by British police in 1910. She was among hundreds beaten in response to a huge protest directly challenging Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, who had outright rejected the idea of making a bill to give women a vote.

Hitler and Rudolf Hess, 1937. By that time, Hess was losing influence in the brutal internal war around Hitler.

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WWII B&W Photo German Soldier Shepherd Dog WW2 /2053


Amazing Women: Photojournalist Catherine Leroy