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Thicker than Water is a new Bravo TV reality show featuring Ben and Jewel Tankard and their fascinating family. The show displays an affluent African-American blended unit featuring a husband and wife, five adult children and an extended family which can be compared to a modern day Brady Bunch household...

Mr Benn was my favourite show and I failed to realise how few episodes there actually were of this genius creation.

I love how the bonds between the wolves mates is strong. Deep in my inside ...I feel the same. I stay by side no matter what , also when I show sometimes my fangs, stay loyal. But I stay wild and true to myself :)

- I remember watching this episode and thinking 'Maybe Jim Henson isn't the swell guy we thought he was...' "You're a bloody puppet!" ^_^


What I learned with House.

HOUSE MD - the one about the shoes is soooo true!

</3 #Sherlock #John #Johnlock #ReichenbachFall

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40 "Look Like A Men" Best Beard Styles For Teenagers

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Not my FAVORITE show.... but, it's still got it's good parts. :D

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"Bonanza": A 1960s Western TV Show

Bonanza And then there was Little Joe (my personal favorite - played by Michael ...