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There is no denying the testing mess, and recent efforts to reduce our dependence on testing have renewed conversations about what it means to assess in ways that serve learners as much as they serve educators and the systems they work in.

Knowing What Students Know: The Power of Documentation

The Langwitches Blog- The Magic of Learning:  The 3 Stages of Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning by  Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning has many objectives, goals, levels, and components. My work is concentrating on making pedagogical documentation visible and shareable to amplify teaching and learn…


Documentation as a teacher, as a student, as learners can take on many different forms. In an effort to make my thinking and conversations with Andrea Hernandez, Silvana Meneghini, Chic Foote and A…

Il a neigé ce matin! - Steffie Brocoli

Il a neigé ce matin! - Steffie Brocoli, interesting interactive book, flaps seem simple to create. Again simplicity if effective especially muted colours other than animals.

Assessment Capable Learners

Making Teaching Visible: Assessment-Capable Learners: Understanding one of Hattie's most powerful influences on student achievement

Our ELL students may sometimes need support in finding their own voice and belief in themselves. This article provide strategies to help instill agency in your ELL students.

What Doesn't Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon/Edutopia: Literacy strategies that waste instructional time include looking up words on lists, prizes for reading, weekly spelling tests, unsupported independent reading, and denial of recess.

Life of an Educator: 6 ways to ensure technology enhances learning

The six questions below come from Alan November's work on technology rich vs.

StudentSavvy: 15 tips for gifted learners Read #1 and the first half of #4 twice!! -Melanie Bondy, Mind Vine Press

15 Tips for Gifted Learners

Gifted students do not just need to be given more work, or be helpers to classmates on assignments when they finish early. These tips are great reminders on how to differentiate, and keep gifted students' needs in mind.

There are many tasks involved with setting up effective supports for students district-wide. Much research has been done on RTI & MTSS implementation.

Over the years though, technology has provided educators more viable options to administer assessments and obtain quality feedback within a more reasonable time frame.

Educational infographic : Graduating with technology (infographic)  EdTech Times

Educational infographic : Graduating with technology (infographic) EdTech Times