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"His appointment is akin to having the fox guard the henhouse," Senator Charles Schumer said in an understatement.

from Metro

From predator to protector: Fox guards eggs in chicken coop

When Jane France found a wily predator sitting inside her hen house she feared she had stumbled across every farmer’s worst nightmare.

from the Guardian

Bernie Sanders vows to curb Wall Street by purging Federal Reserve of bankers

Sanders used a New York Times op-ed to argue: ‘If I were elected president, the foxes would no longer guard the henhouse.’

Blandford's Fox. The coat is usually a rusty brown, with grey undercoat and streaked in black guard hairs, while the belly and throat are a light creamy white (3). A distinct black stripe runs from the nape of the neck down the centre of the back, and the tail is often tipped in black, or less frequently in white (3).Short, slender snout, very large ears, a long, bushy tail. The sharply pointed muzzle has a distinctive black stripe extending from the eyes to the top lip

Taking the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to court to protect wild salmon is nothing new for us. As you might remember, last year we successfully argued that the Minister had unlawfully delegated his regulatory responsibilities to fish farm companies and won a precedent-setting legal victory. In other words, the Minister was letting the fox guard the henhouse.